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Internship Experience In Resort World Genting, Malaysia

Internship Experience In Resort World Genting, Malaysia

As part of our course curriculumwe students of International School of Tourism and Hotel Management were selected for our six months internship to Resort World Genting, Malaysia. It was a whole new experience for us. We were grateful to our management for providing such a wonderful opportunity which led us to learn the customs, culture and their values of totally different community and the people.

My journey started from February 19 2019 and lasted for six months during this period we got the chance to learn from different departments like Butler Service,
Housekeeping, Front Office, Kitchen and Service Among these departments I had a great experience in service while working at outlet La Fiesta Spanish restaurant I served there as a waiter. Since I didn't have any language problem I was able to establish the rapport with the customers as well as with all Staff and Managers of the outlet designated our work.

Whereas our supervisor guided us for our work which helped us to improve our task progressively. Every staff working there they treat me as their family so whenever I had some difficulties on the work they were always there to help me Throughout this time I got the chance to interact with the guest directly and used to feel very happy with their positive feedbacks. So, in every department I got lots of opportunities to learn new things about the hotel industry. Now, I can feel more different in myself and found myself as a confident,extrovert and hardworking women The internship experience was really amazing and it gave me memories for lifetime.It was surely not easy but this challenging experience was all worth it.This internship experience has really taught me lot of things and enhanced my skills.

Poornima Gurung, FHSDHM 2016 Intake