Socially Responsible ISTians

Socially Responsible ISTians

Recognizing the importance of volunteering, IST has incorporated the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in its curriculum with different events organized by the students. The students organize the Blood Donation Event, Event at Old Age Home and Event at Bal Mandir   ( Government Orphanage) every year. For the past six years the students have been organizing various events and with the profit they make out of the event they further organize the donation drive. The amount collected in this drive is used in charitable cause to support the needy child of the society. Every year we donate cash and kind to sexually exploited child, child with the life threatening disease, children of the remote school around the valley and so on.

With these types of charitable work there are significant positive changes in the students after organizing these events. Some of them are as follows:

Students Often Experience an increased sense of Self-Efficacy

The students are encouraged to conceptualize and materialize such events. So after doing these events in 3rd Semester, students learn that they can actually make a difference with what they do. This helps them to better identify their own competence, their skill and talents which leads to more self confidence and an I Can Do attitude which can spread to their work and academic goals.

Students become More Responsible

Students become more involved in the less fortunate people in the society. They tend to care more about what happens in the communities. Often, students who have participated in such events have become the regular visitors to those charitable institutions and also have convinced their friends to become more charitable.

It is a great Problem-Solving Skill Builder

While organizing such events, students are often faced with challenges and tough problems such as arranging finances, looking for sponsors, convincing the stakeholders to support them to tackle. By working through them as organizers, they learn how to better solve problems, and see problems as challenges rather than hindrances.   After the successful completion of the event they enjoy the success and learn overcoming the hurdle.

Make students more attractive to Potential Employers

Taking part in such events teaches students the skills that are valuable to the employers, like problem solving, teamwork, and the ability to follow instructions. So it is especially valuable when it is related to student’s future career.

Students find a Sense of Responsibility and Pride

As students work with different people and institution for such events, they learn that they can be responsible for making great things happen. This helps to build a sense of responsibility in students, and sense of pride when they see what they have done is actually bringing smile on other people’s face.

Service brings Learning Beyond the Classroom.

It allows the students to relate to what they have learned in classroom and apply it beyond the classroom. This offers the opportunity for enrichment and a great way for them to see how concepts they have learned works in the real world.

Offers an Opportunity for Skill Building

Participating in charity to others allows students to build upon their existing skill sets. As students work in a real life setting, they can use it to explore and improve their existing skills and knowledge. Students can explore potential careers and find out what they need to develop in order to work in the field.

It is one Big Team Building Opportunity

As students work in such events, they will learn how to better work in teams, how to accommodate in a team. Often they also lean to develop leadership skill as well, which is very much needed from them. This is valuable not just for their campus life but for their higher education, career and further community involvement.