International School of Tourism & Hotel Management

(Affiliated to Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria)


IST provides an opportunity for a 12 month internship in China, 12 months in Dubai, 6 months in Malaysia and 6 months in India respectively. 

Hospitality education is such an education where the future professionals learn the industry insight in campus and relate the same and harness their skill during the industry internship. So IST not only provides the on campus educational facility but also provides an excellent platform for its students through well-crafted internship opportunity in five start deluxe properties in countries like China, Dubai, Malaysia, India, Nepal and many more. In this connection, IST will provide different international internship opportunities in new tourist destinations in the days to come.

This international internship provides the students with the overview of the world hospitality trend, the latest innovation and about tradition and culture of different nationality which facilitate them to adjust in any situation. With the focus on academic knowledge, practical know how, disciplinary aspect of the students IST has been able to instill the “service orientation” in the students’ mind which has become the positive feature of IST Graduates who are progressing and leading in many hospitality related outlets like hotels, airlines, cruise, educational institutions, around the globe