Internship Experience Speak

Genting Highlands

Aarati Ghale, FSHDHM 2016 Intake

Interning at Genting Highland Resort Malaysia was such an honour and privilege. Indeed, working in such large company adds an interesting dimension to my curricular vitae but the experiences and opportunities for growth that I gained are priceless.

As an intern, I was exposed to a lot of trainings and programmes which allowed me to hone my skills, especially the ones that cannot be learned in the classroom. I had the opportunity to contribute ideas  and suggestions, which made me feel like I was beingtreated as an equal member of the team. There were lots of great moments there but what I enjoyed the most was the colleagues that I worked with. They never failed to take time out of their schedule to teach and explain everything to me Genting Highland Resort Malaysia has given me invaluable resources and exposure. For students out there who are interested, please do not hesitate to apply for the Genting  Highland Resort for Internship. It will be worth it. However, it was those challenges that have allowed me to learn the most valuable lessons and improve myself. All in all, this internship has equipped me with skills and values that have made me more confident in facing bigger things in the future.