Internship Experience Speak

Hilton Garden Inn

Sunanda Rana, FHSDHM 2016 Intake

As an international intern who is thousands of miles away from home, it’s natural to miss family and friends during your internship in China. Fortunately, with today’s technology, you can stay in touch with them easily.Since the first day we arrived in Sanya ,China I have loved every moment. Sanya has shown me a completely new way of life, laid back, relaxed, slow paced. Alongside getting to know this fantastic city I have also made some fantastic friends here.

The hotel family welcomed us with open arms. The hotel environment is nothing but great fun on a daily basis with great team spirit. As well, all my friends doing interns with me have been fantastic in helping me to get work done and sharing great stories and experiences together during a whole year internship.

The hotel I worked at is called Hilton Garden Inn, an iconic 284 rooms world-wide chain hotel located in a residential area close to supermarkets, city and beach. Since the hotel was new opening hotel upon our arrival, that helped out us to know from the beginning and more information about Hilton. Hilton remains an innovative, forward-thinking hospitality leader by offering best-in-class products, services and amenities to ensure that every guest feels cared for, valued and respected.

After being in college for two years I have learnt many skills that helped me during my internship. I’ve got the opportunity to work in 3 departments ; Housekeeping, Kitchen and Food and Beverage department for four months in each department. Nevertheless I personally believe the best way to learn and get experiences is to actually work within the industry. There are so many behind the scene activities that go on to take a property to function that you don’t even think about.

The learning outcomes that were most beneficial in helping me succeed in the internship were ethical behavior, applying the skill and knowledge I learnt in my courses as well as developing my career goals. My internship has allowed me to get the great experiences and skills which are so varied and extensive there is no doubt that I will be able to use them later on in life.