Internship Experience Speak

Howard Johnson Sanya Bay, China

Abhijeet Lama, FHSDHM 2016 Intake

It all started from December 3, 2018 when I went to China with my 86 friends from IST College for one year internship. Where I was chosen for Howard Johnson Resort Sanya Bay. I left home for the first time to work in the new environment with the new people. But I had to face lot of problem while starting the internship because of language barrier, their standards in the work place and so forth.

But slowly I get comfort and know about the hospitality. During my internship period I got chance to work in only two departments Food and Beverage Service and Production and Housekeeping where I gained more confidence to face new challenges and positive way of thinking to solve those challenges.

F&B is the department where I started my internship and that was the most difficult for me because I was unaware about the standard of the hotel and very difficult to communicate with my coworker and captain.But after a week I got used to the work and understand little Chinese which help me to get better in work.After one month they teach us to how to deal with the guests.

After 6 months I changed my department to Housekeeping where it was vast different from the F&B department. And it was new working environment and meet new coworker and new captains.At first it was very difficult to work in this department. But after 2 to 3 weeks I got used to work because of my captain and coworkers.

I guess I’m the lucky one to be part of Howard Johnson family, because this one year internship experience was all the skill and development. And this internship has really helped me to explore the hotel industry in detail.It was surely not easy but this is one of the most challenging experience which helped me to gain more knowledge  confidence about the hotel industry which will help me to build my career.