Internship Experience Speak

Intercontinental Sanya Resort

Shreeja Manandhar, FHSDHM 2016 Intake

Intercontinental Sanya Resort was my first step towards the Hospitality Industry where we were recognized as Nepalese trainee in our hotel. In the first day of our work I was really nervous because of the language, although we have been learning Chinese language from the first semester in our college but when we started to communicate with Chinese guest it was really tough to understand what we used to study in our college.

But then slowly to make a use of a language properly I started to communicate in Chinese language with our supervisors. In this way, our supervisors learnt English Language from us and we used to learn Chinese language from them.

I had to work for 5 months in the breakfast restaurant, where mostly Nepalese where only handling the restaurant in both front and back area and Chinese staff used to be a hostess. During  the working period of time we experience the real field of hospitality where  we need to be adjusted with the different environment, attitude and behavior at the same time of the both guest and the people are working with.

Beside the communication the food and culture is very different from what we eat and celebrate in Nepal. I was really surprised with the climate and the food when we went for the breakfast. But slowly we started to make Chinese friends, eating Chinese cuisine and speaking a littleChinese.

After working so a year in Sanya, though we couldn’t speak Chinese properly then also we can understand what guest are asking for. It was really fun working in Sanya where I had get chance to deal directly with the guest and learnt to do the hard task in the simpleway.