Graduate Student Speak

Prabesh Gurung, FHSDHM 2017

Current Company: Revive Leisure Park

Location: Mahalaxmisthan, Lalitpur

Position: General Manager

About the Position: I was hired before the property even started running. As our chairman belonged from the banking field his expectation was very high from me and even trusted me for hiring all the staff, finding vendors, managing all day to day work. It was a big responsibility for me. It has been 3 months and today we have over 40 staff members. My main job is to manage and look after all the departments which also include daily operations, handling clients and engaging in internal affairs.


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Riju Maharjan, FHSDHM 2018

Current Company: Kathmandu Marriott Hotel

Location: Naxal, Kathmandu

Position: G.S.A (Guest Service Agent)

About the Position: Currently, I am working as a Guest Service Agent at Kathmandu Marriott Hotel. I am responsible for taking care of the hotel’s valued guests following the company’s high standards by being a part of Front of the House in order to create a memorable experience which is unique to each guest.

Most notable success: Being associated with World’s Largest Hotel Company in the very starting of my career is itself a success and a moment.....

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