Internship Experience Speak

Genting Highlands

Aarati Ghale, FSHDHM 2016 Intake

Interning at Genting Highland Resort Malaysia was such an honour and privilege. Indeed, working in such large company adds an interesting dimension to my curricular vitae but the experiences and opportunities for growth that I gained are priceless.

As an intern, I was exposed to a lot of trainings and programmes which allowed me to hone my skills, especially the ones that cannot be learned in the classroom. I had the opportunity to contribute ideas  and suggestions, which made me feel like I was beingtreated as an equal member of the team. There were lots of great moments there but what I enjoyed the most was the.....

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Hilton Garden Inn

Sunanda Rana, FHSDHM 2016 Intake

As an international intern who is thousands of miles away from home, it’s natural to miss family and friends during your internship in China. Fortunately, with today’s technology, you can stay in touch with them easily.Since the first day we arrived in Sanya ,China I have loved every moment. Sanya has shown me a completely new way of life, laid back, relaxed, slow paced. Alongside getting to know this fantastic city I have also made some fantastic friends here.

The hotel family welcomed us with open arms. The hotel environment is nothing but great fun on a daily basis with great team spirit. As well, all m.....

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Howard Johnson Sanya Bay, China

Abhijeet Lama, FHSDHM 2016 Intake

It all started from December 3, 2018 when I went to China with my 86 friends from IST College for one year internship. Where I was chosen for Howard Johnson Resort Sanya Bay. I left home for the first time to work in the new environment with the new people. But I had to face lot of problem while starting the internship because of language barrier, their standards in the work place and so forth.

But slowly I get comfort and know about the hospitality. During my internship period I got chance to work in only two departments Food and Beverage Service and Production and Housekeeping where I gained more confidence to face new .....

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Intercontinental Sanya Resort

Shreeja Manandhar, FHSDHM 2016 Intake

Intercontinental Sanya Resort was my first step towards the Hospitality Industry where we were recognized as Nepalese trainee in our hotel. In the first day of our work I was really nervous because of the language, although we have been learning Chinese language from the first semester in our college but when we started to communicate with Chinese guest it was really tough to understand what we used to study in our college.

But then slowly to make a use of a language properly I started to communicate in Chinese language with our supervisors. In this way, our supervisors learnt English Language from us and we used.....

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Ritz Carlton, Sanya

Bharat Khanal, FHSDHM 2016 Intake

Working among the different department has sharpened the skills as well as changed the way of perceiving the things. I got chance to work in Housekeeping Department, Guest Relation Department and Fitness Center. These different departments had different way of doing the job that demanded me to change to fit on the job and this change has helped me to be a better me.

While working in the Housekeeping Department, we got to the chance to train by the best Housekeeping Attendant of the Villa as the result the skill I got was of the Villa standard we got chance to work in the Villas . We were the first international train.....

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