International School of Tourism & Hotel Management

(Affiliated to Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria)

+2 Management Diploma in Hotel / Tourism Management

+2 Management Diploma in Hotel / Tourism Management: This course is a customized course for those students who are aspiring to have a career in hospitality industry. It provides a foundation and clear picture about the industry, its functioning, different departments and overall observation of hospitality sector. With the maximum number of practical and the related theory classes the students can already carve their way to be hospitality professionals.

The student will get double benefit by joining the course as they will get +2 in Management  with specialization in Hotel or Tourism Management and also a Diploma in Hotel or Tourism Management  from Tourismusschulen Salzburg, Austria (TSS) giving them the degrees after two years.

The aim of +2 Management Diploma in Hotel / Tourism Management program is to provide a firm knowledge and understanding of the contemporary hospitality and tourism industries. Students enrolled in this program earn + 2 in Management and  Diploma  in Hotel/Tourism Management. The program is also designed to prepare its graduates to assume entry-level positions in hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and other hospitality outlets.

The specific objectives of the program are:

  1. To enhance students’ critical thinking and to develop their basic analytical, problem-solving and decision making skills.
  2. To offer a comprehensive study of the departments and functions of hospitality outlets including instruction of basic operating principles and concepts.
  3. To provide students with a broad understanding of the fundamental principles and theories of the basic areas of business relating to the fundamentals of management within the hospitality industry.
  4. To provide the skills necessary for entry level positions in all types in the travel, tourism and hotel management fields.
  5. To provide a solid academic, technical and intellectual background that will enable students to pursue higher studies in Hotel / Tourism Management or other related fields.


Students who successfully complete a Secondary Education Examination(SEE), ‘O’ Level or equivalent are eligible to enroll into this program.

Admission Criteria

Students have to undergo a two step process to fulfill the admission criteria:

1) Firstly selected students have to sit for a written examination and psychometric test.

2) Selected students who passed the written examination will have to go through a one on one personal   interview.

Curriculum( + 2 Management)

The duration of the Diploma in Hotel / Tourism Management program will be of Two Year Full Time.This program requires the students to cover 72 Credit Hours including On the Job Training.

Diploma in Hotel/Tourism Management program recognizes the knowledge and skills required for the entry level position in the Tourism and Hospitality outlets. The program course structure includes four main components: Basic Course, Core Course, Guest Lecture Series and on the Job Training.

  1. The Basic Course focuses on prescribed course of  + 2 Management.
  2. The Core Course focuses on the functional areas of hotel management. In hotel management, it includes courses on Food Production, Food and Beverage Services Operation, Front Office Management and House Keeping Management.
  3. The Guest Lecture Series focuses on the sharing of ideas and experience with leading working professionals from different walks of life. The objective of this component is to enhance the executive skills and full potentials of the participants and provide an exposure and pathway to successful career.
  4. The On the Job Training focuses on practical training for which students will be attached to some hotels, restaurants and hospitality outlets to acquire actual work experience in Nepal or in abroad.